Self Reminder

These two evidences that happened lately somehow make me realize that a melancholic-phlegmatic people should never be a leader.

They are unable to ask for help because they are afraid that it will burden everyone. It’s better to burden their own selves.

They will never command the team; if they can do it their selves, they will do it. Again, burden their own selves is basically much better.

They will never tell or criticize you when you make mistakes. They will show you, but later they find out that it’s not an effective way to tell people. But they still don’t want to criticize them and hurt their feelings.

They value people’s feelings too much so their decisions will never be completely objective. They listen and compare all opinions so they will be able to make a decision that benefits everyone. But it takes a long time, of course.

They are perfectionist. They have a high standard for almost everything in life. Finding people who can really fulfill their standards is not easy. And trusting people is even harder.

They are trying so hard to anticipate every problems and conflicts they will face in the future. But once they face something they don’t expect, they feel powerless and hopeless.

They are naive. Sorry, scratch that: they are very naive. They see everything through its positive sides while in fact, not everything in life can be considered and interpreted by one side only.

Who wants people like them, like me, to be a leader? People trust them and expect too much, but this kind of leader cannot even trust their own selves.