Hujan yang Manis

Sedang tidak berselera mengunggah salah satu dari begitu banyak draft yang terkubur di sini. Tapi tidak bisa untuk tidak mengutip puisi Mas Bernard Batubara yang satu ini. Mari kita simak bersama. Continue reading “Hujan yang Manis”


A Life for Andri

It was clearly a random night on January 18 because all of a sudden, my friend, Andri Kurniawan, chatted me and asked me a common and simple question, yet people still found it hard to answer.

“Will you write a description of life from your perception?”

Well, that’s strange. But, hey, it’s Andri–everything about him is strange (in a good way). So I took a moment to think deeply about how to describe life in a proper way… and it surprised me because I got a poem in my head. I sent him the poem, and at some points, he agreed with things I described about life. He also asked my permission to post it on his blog and days ago, he really did it. Continue reading “A Life for Andri”